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Meet Your Coach Angela Britt


Angela Britt is the Founder of Angela Britt Coaching with over 20 years of professional experience. She has developed a specialty for coaching teams and organizations in leadership and sales positions, helping them elevate their business strategies and increase their profitability.

She holds a state certified coaching license and has worked on development and research in the sales leadership field under the umbrella of Premier Designs.

Over the years, she’s seen the results of individuals who feel stuck, imbalanced, and helpless – longing for a refreshed approach to change their mindset and improve their business prospects.

The potential she sees in others drives her to coach. And she combines this motivation with her genuine ability to pour light and life into people’s personal and professional ambitions.

She works tirelessly to help others develop a positive mindset, overcome their fears, and set goals that help them reach success faster. Her process creates clarity, develops actionable objectives, and holds her clients accountable. Success, goals, and strong-bonded teams are only a few results businesses achieve under her gentle yet steadfast guidance.

In her spare time, Angela enjoys the outdoors and spending time with her four children and five grandchildren. She loves to travel, volunteer, and experience all that life has to offer.


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"Angela has a true passion for what she does! Her ability to coach my wife with her business is astonishing and really took my wife's business to the next level and beyond. More than that, though, she is a Godly woman. We count her as a true friend and know we can trust her in all things. "
— John Cacolice, The Lakes Group


Shane Eastman
Shane EastmanExecutive Web HQ
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"Angela uses a great customized approach to helping businesses blow through hurdles!"


Amanda A. Morris
Amanda A. MorrisPaper Pushers, LLC
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"Angela teaches Business Owners the GAPS in their Journey of owning a successful business!"